Reading CSV files using CSVHelper package (C#, IEnumerable)

I have come across many times the need to incorporate the reading of CSV files in an application.  Below I will show how to use Josh Close’s CsvHelper to  import a CSV file which looks like the following (file will be included below).

Argentina,Argentine Republic,54,ARG
Armenia,Republic of Armenia,374,ARM
Australia,Commonwealth of Australia,61,AUS
Austria,Republic of Austria,43,AUT
“Bahamas, The”,Commonwealth of The Bahamas,-241,BHS
Bangladesh,People’s Republic of Bangladesh,880,BGD

Note this CSV file is a simpler file based on the file which is located here.

The first thing to do is to Install CsvHelper.  To do this run the following command in the Package Manager Console:

Now add CsvHelper to the program by adding:

The next step is to create a class which has properties with the same name of the column headings found in the csv file.  Below you will find an example of a class which does this:

Finally create an instance of CSVReader and invoke the GetRecords method using the DataRecord class.  Below you will find an example of this:

An completed example can be found below:

You can download this sample code with  CsvHelper and CSV file here: CVSHelperReadSample

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