T-SQL – Search Stored Procedure Code for Text

Often I have to search for stored procedures in SQL Server to find pieces of text.   The motivation for this is to find procedures which use a table or to look for code which the developer has done silly things like hardcoded directories (Boris….).  Luckly you can query sys.procedures to generally find the information that you need.  Below is an example of query that searches for stored procedures for the word ‘c:\*’.


Technet – sys.procedures

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  1. Who is this Boris you speak of?

    • Boris was the best VB.Net developer alive! He doesn’t use web standards as the web will conform to him. He used to test his entire project using a single debug.assert. In HTML5 there is a secret element called which will allow data to go past the firewall…

  2. Sneaky Russians!

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