How to get the column names of a table in SQL Server (T-SQL)

The following query can be run (substitute the ‘TableName’ in the query with the table name you want column information on) to get the column names for any table in T-SQL.

To get information on all the columns for all tables in a database use the following query:

SQL Server also provides a stored procedure (‘sp_help’) which is able to display information on any object listed in sysobjects.   To use this to get information on a table execute the following:

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  1. This is so helpful!!!

  2. I’m trying to get all the columns from a table which don’t have any record. However unable to display column names.
    I’m doing this in w3school website.

    • Hi – It won’t work on w3schools site as it is not using SQL Server. The information tables are specific to SQL Server.

      To test I would suggest using Change the database engine to MS SQL Server 2014.

      Paste the following in the Schema side of the interface:

      CREATE TABLE Employee(
      StartDate DATE,
      Name VARCHAR(20)

      Click onto Build Schema button.

      Then type the following in the SQL side of the page:

      select column_name from information_schema.columns
      where table_name = 'Employee'
      order by ordinal_position

      And then press the Run SQL button.

      You will see the results underneath.

      Hope this helps.

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